Even in his youth, Helmut Fischer was fascinated by the world of natural sciences. His curiosity, imagination and thirst for knowledge would later drive him to take his first big career step: in 1953, as an enthusiastic 22-year old researcher, Helmut Fischer opens his first business in his hometown of Stuttgart. Quickly recognizing the needs of a burgeoning industrial sector to measure things, he devotes this enterprise to the development and optimization of ultra-sensitive measurement instruments.


Foundation of Schuhmann and Fischer. The company first develops measurement instruments for analyzing paint layers on steel and iron. These are quickly followed by devices that can test paint layers on top of non-magnetic substrates.


Foundation of the sole proprietorship Helmut Fischer, Stuttgart.


Foundation of Helmut Fischer GmbH & Co, Institute for Electronics and Measurement Technology.


New construction and relocation from Stuttgart to Sindelfingen-Maichingen. Continuous expansion of the corporate premises in five stages, until 2014.

Starting in 1968

Foundation of 17 subsidiaries around the world.


Foundation of Helmut Fischer Elektronik und Messtechnik AG in Switzerland. FISCHER makes use of the latest electronics to bring lightweight, mobile, handheld devices to market for the non-destructive measurement of coating thicknesses.


FISCHER launches its first X-ray fluorescence instrument. The X-ray instruments establish themselves very quickly on the market and become an important mainstay for the company.


FISCHER launches its first microhardness measurement system, which operates according to the principles of the instrumented indentation test. In contrast to traditional methods, the device also enables the determination of additional parameters, thus making it suitable for the analysis of very thin layers and sensitive components. A revolution in the measurement of mechanical surface properties.


Transfer of company ownership from Helmut Fischer, proprietor, to the Helmut Fischer Foundation, which is dedicated to the continuance and growth of the company and actively sponsors next-generation scientists.


Focus on innovation: the Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH (IfG) becomes part of the Helmut Fischer Group. The Berlin-based research and development organization is renowned for the manufacture of polycapillary optics for X-ray fluorescence, among other things.


FISCHER expands its plant in Sindelfingen by 80 percent. The approximately 8,000 m2, four-story building is testament to the company's commitment to continued growth.

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