The Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH (IfG), Berlin, has been part of the Helmut Fischer GmbH since 2014. Its team of experienced and expert engineers and physicists does research and development in selected areas of X-ray physics.

Furthermore, the institute specializes in the production of components and devices for X-ray analysis, especially process-oriented automated measurement technology.

An ideal combination of practical and theoretical expertise accounts for the IfG’s strength in both industrial and basic-science applications. For this reason, it is considered a leader in the manufacture of polycapillary optics for X-ray fluorescence.

For example, its iMOXS (IfG Modular X-ray Source) has been designed expressly as a low-power X-ray source for X-ray fluorescence analysis. The instrument's modular build makes it possible to replace X-ray optics and X-ray tubes.

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