Application Notes

Helmut Fischer has developed solutions tailored to a wide variety of measurement tasks, often as a result of working closely with individual customers. Our Application Notes illustrate best practices with use cases and measurement examples, allowing a detailed glimpse of the technologies employed – from the user's perspective. We would be happy to answer your questions about the specific methods used.

Aeronautics, Aerospace

Solutions for complex measurement tasks in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors such as high reliability components or strength testing.

Material Analysis, Material Characterization

High-performance instruments for analyzing material properties.


The quality assurance of functional and decorative finishes in automotive construction calls for precision testing of coating thicknesses and material properties.

Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Mining

Robust and highly reliable solutions for metrological tasks throughout the chemicals and petrochemicals industries.

Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

Measurement technology for electronics such as printed circuit boards, surface-mounted components and semiconductors.

Galvanization, Anodization

Fixed or portable measurement devices for anodized or galvanized surfaces.


Whether solar, oil and gas or fuel cells – FISCHER offers innovative measurement equipment for high-tech surface treatments and coatings in energy technology.

Gold, Watches, Jewelry

Genuine gold bars, fashion jewelry, quality control for highly valuable watches – non-destructive testing of everything that is costly.

Marine and Transportation Technology

Measurement technology for durable coatings on land, on water or in the air.

Foodstuffs, Medical Technology, Pharmaceuticals

Sophisticated measurement instruments for the high demands of the medical technology, pharmaceuticals and food sectors.

Paints, Varnishes

Flexible measurement solutions for assessing the quality of painted, varnished and lacquered surfaces.

Hard Material Coatings, PVD, CVD, DLC

Accurately test the properties of innovative functional surfaces to ensure optimal performance.


Get more out of your raw materials: sophisticated measuring equipment for reliably analyzing and separating recyclable materials.

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