Portable Measurement Instruments

Handheld, portable measurement gauges with integrated or interchangeable probes for the measurement of coating thicknesses directly on the part.

Desktop Measurement Instruments

High-performance desktop instruments for stationary coating thickness measurement – with interchangeable measurement probes or X-ray fluorescence.

Automated Measuring Systems


With Fischer probes you can, for example, determine changes such as heat damage or material fatigue by means of conductivity measurement, or ascertain the ferrite content of steel quickly and non-destructively.

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Probes for Tactile Gauges Brochure Probes [PDF]

Calibration and Accessories

Calibration standard, gauge stands, software and accessories for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and nanoindentation with measurement instruments from Fischer.

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DataCenter, DataCenter IP Brochure Datacenter [PDF]
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Calibration TDS X-RAY Calibration Standards [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cd primary and secondary reference materials [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cr/Cu, Cr/CuSn and Cr/Fe reference materials [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cr/Ni reference material [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cu primary and secondary reference materials [PDF]
TR-Characterization of self-supporting Au foils and Au layers on mylar [PDF]
TR-On the Re-calibration of Au-Layer Master Reference Standards [PDF]
TR-On the re-calibration of Ni-foil reference standards [PDF]
TR-On the re-calibration of Pt-foil and Pt/Si Reference Standards [PDF]
TR-Primary reference standards for precious metal analysis (gold alloys) [PDF]
TR-On the re-calibration of Rh-foil reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-calibration and characterization of Ti secondary reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-calibration of self-supporting Cr foils with Cr/Fe reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-check of Sn foils, self-supporting and mounted over Ni [PDF]
TR-Re-evaluation of Cr/Cu reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-evaluation of Cr/Fe reference standards [PDF]
TR-Recertification of Au on Pd on Ni master standard foils [PDF]
TR-Recertification of master standards with Pd layers [PDF]
TR-Recertification of Zn and Zn/Fe secondary (“master”) reference standards [PDF]
TR-Traceability of mass per unit area and composition of ZnNi-coatings [PDF]
TR-Traceability of the amount of Phosphorus in NiP-coatings [PDF]

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