Coating Thickness Measurement

Why is it important to measure coating thickness? Adding coating thickness measurement to your manufacturing process has the potential to save money on wasted materials, meet important specifications, and ensure the safety and trust of your customers. Whether you are painting or electroplating, applying materials to magnetic or non-magnetic substrates, Fischer has the accurate solution for measuring your coating thickness application. Improve your quality process today by contacting Fischer and speaking with a solution specialist who can help you with all your coating thickness measurement needs. Scroll below to discover our wide range of measurement instruments to fit your specific applications. 

Portable Measurement Instruments

Handheld, portable measurement gauges with integrated or interchangeable probes for the measurement of coating thicknesses directly on the part.

Portable Gauges

Desktop Measurement Instruments

High-performance desktop instruments for stationary coating thickness measurement – with interchangeable measurement probes or X-ray fluorescence.

Stationary Gauges

Automated Measuring Systems

Inline measurement systems for continuous coating thickness measurement in automated production processes.

Inline Systems


With Fischer probes you can, for example, determine changes such as heat damage or material fatigue by means of conductivity measurement, or ascertain the ferrite content of steel quickly and non-destructively.

Test Probe Selection

Calibration and Accessories

Calibration standard, gauge stands, software and accessories for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and nanoindentation with measurement instruments from Fischer.

Calibration and Accessories

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