Material Testing

The elemental composition of a material determines its characteristic properties. Fischer offers innovative measurement instruments for X-ray fluorescence analysis. These enable you to determine the elements that compose a specific material, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Conductivity, ferrite content, porosity and the densification of anodic oxide films are also decisive factors for the quality of a material. The Fischer product portfolio contains a broad range of proven and accurate measurement instruments for various tasks.

Material Analysis

High-performance measurement instruments for manual, part-automated or fully automatic material analysis.

X-RAY Fluorescence

Nanoindentation and Mechanical Properties

Testing devices for the exact characterization of soft to very hard materials as well as coatings in the micro- and nanometer ranges.

Nanoindentation and Mechanical Properties

Conductivity Measurement

Portable instruments for measuring electrical conductivity, which provides information on properties such as hardness and strength.

Conductivity Measuring

Measuring Ferrite Content

Determine the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of steel by measuring ferrite content.

Ferrite Content Measurement

Porosity Tests

The robust, mobile measurement devices from the POROSCOPE range are ideally suited for quick and easy testing of non-conductive protective coatings to find even the tiniest pores and fissures.

Porosity Tests

Calibration and Accessories

Calibration standard, gauge stands, software and accessories for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and nanoindentation with measurement instruments from Fischer.

Calibration and Accessories

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