The FISCHERSCOPE® ST200 and ST30 are Fischer's best-selling automatic scratch-test systems for characterizing hard and soft material layers. Easily check the adhesion and cohesive strength of layers ≥1 μm thick. The instruments are ideal for use in development, quality assurance, incoming goods control and production monitoring. The ST200 has a load range of 0.5N to 200N which is perfect for measuring hard material coatings (PVD, CVD). The ST30 has a load of 0.01N to 30N which is suitable for measuring soft coatings such as lacquer and polymers.

FISCHERSCOPE ST200 and ST30 Scratch Testers are used for automated testing of the adhesion and cohesive strength of hard and soft material layers.


  • Diverse measurement modes with progressive, constant or incrementally increasing test force
  • Measure according to the following norms: ASTM C1624, ISO 20502 and DIN EN 1071-3
  • Force control for measuring on curved surfaces
  • Three analysis methods: optical microscopy, friction force, acoustic emission
  • Intuitive user interface – only a brief familiarization is required to use the instrument
  • Fast measurements with motorized XY-stage and Z-axis
  • Easy creation of test reports


  • Testing how well thin coatings adhere to their substrates
  • Automated measurements with high sample throughput
  • Components for vehicle engines and drivetrains
  • Electroplated layers (decorative, functional)
  • Characterization of hard anodized coatings
  • Special materials for medical technology
  • Electronic components, plugs, etc.
  • Layers applied via plasma treatment

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