Marine and Transportation Technology

Whether in shipbuilding, bridge construction or offshore applications: metals that are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions must be protected against corrosion. The easy-to-use, reliable gauges from FISCHER are the right solution for precisely testing protective layers made of zinc, paint or thermal sprayed aluminum.

Paint Coatings

Two-component epoxy resin and other durable coatings can, for example, protect bridges, hydraulic steel structures or wind turbines against corrosion for decades. Control of the necessary coating thicknesses is essential for this purpose.

Surface Inspection

Anti-corrosion coatings only stay reliable if the surface is appropriately pretreated. Test the surface profile with FISCHER measurement devices – fast and standards-compliant.

Metallic Corrosion Protection

Zinc, the classic and proven coating option, offers reliable protection against corrosion. Test for adequate zinc thickness with FISCHER measurement technology.

Thermal Sprayed Coatings

Aluminum sprayed coatings achieve unrivalled protection in offshore or pipeline construction deployments. FISCHER offers innovative coating thickness measurement solutions specially for TSA.

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