Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

The electronics industry is characterized by a continuing trend towards miniaturization and increased functional integration. The demands on quality assurance are rising in line with these developments. Here, FISCHER draws upon decades of experience in the electronics sector. Our portfolio includes solutions for circuit boards, wafers, plug contacts, wiring and other components that are specifically customized to the needs of these measurement tasks.


Measure coating thicknesses to within nanometers, also on multi-layer circuit boards and flex PCBs.


With measurement technology from Fischer you can reliably monitor adherence to guidelines such as RoHS, WEEE or CPSIA.


Measurement and analysis systems for the testing of lead-free solders and alloys in electronic components.

Lead Frames

By using X-ray fluorescence it is possible to determine the thicknesses and composition of multi-layer coating systems on lead frames with precision.

High Reliability

When safety and reliability are the highest priority: instruments for testing high-reliability applications in aeronautics and aerospace, military and medical technology.

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